Company presentation

The paper mill ANGREN PACK is a leader in the pulp and paper industry in Uzbekistan. We are the greatest producer of cardboards, papers and corrugated boards in the Central Asia as well as the greatest producer of toilet papers, tissues, paper napkins and towels.
Currently the company ANGREN PACK is the biggest modern paper mill being engaged in production of cardboard products both in Uzbekistan and Central Asia.


Уведомление о проведении очередного общего собрания акционеров
Мазкур «Акциядорлик жамиятлари ва акциядорлар ҳуқуқларини ҳимоя қилиш тўғрисида»ги, «Чет эл инвестициялари тўғрисида»ги, «Қимматли қоғозлар бозори тўғрисида»ги, қонунлар ва Ўзбекистон Республикасининг бошқа меёрий-ҳуқуқий ҳужжатларига мувофиқ ишлаб чиқилг