Toilet paper, tissue paper, (two-layer), napkins

Tissue paper and its products comply with applicable technical standards ТSh11.88:2006 for our production line comprising equipment from China and being put into operation in 2003.

All factory buildings are located on the company premises and our paper production consists of the following stages: 

  • stock preparation plant,
  • toilet paper production,
  • production of toilet papers and napkins on reels.

The above-mentioned facts apply to production of toilet and tissue papers based on composition of waste paper, wood pulp and other fibrous feed materials.
The project works and the final solution have been executed by the project organization ZAO  «Узпищепромпроект».
The projected production capacity amounts to 10 tons daily or 3 ths. tons annually at operation of two paper machines.

Final products:

  • toilet papers on reels:  2.441,4 t / year
  • napkins: 630,6 t / year

We dispose also of machines for relief stamping, perforation, winding, trimming and cutting.


 Web width on reel: 1.760 mm +/-5
 Reel diameter: 1.000 – 800 mm
 Inner diameter of core: 76 mm +/-3

Production characteristics:

Technical designation of paper products: toilet paper intended for body hygiene (thereinafter – toilet paper only).
Paper – the bottom layer are produced in reels.
Papers on reels are produced with or without imprints. A full reel height is 90 mm; its diameter depends on substance as per order. Packed in PE packages by 6 pieces, 8 pieces and 60 pieces or optionally. 

Currently we can supply the following sorts of paper:

  • Laska,
  • Laska premium,
  • Lotos,
  • Chadaf,
  • Toilet paper,
  • Laska big (85 – 160 g.).

Our toilet paper is certified accordingly, supplied with related conformity declarations, hygienic approvals and bar codes.